Le Club Français

The Club Français & El Club Español give your child a "leap forward" towards speaking and enjoying other languages; the format is all about having fun while learning.

With over 50,000 children attending across the UK, we give your child a head start.  

We provide in-school and after school clubs for in excess of 600 children in North & South Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire and North Somerset.

We teach French and Spanish to children from Nursery through to when they start secondary school.

We offer a proven method:

  • Lively games, Stimulating activity sheets.
  • We stress importance of real communication
  • CDs with songs and stories, Flashcards, Loto games
  • Children gain confidence and a perfect accent!

Why learn a language at primary age?

We feel passionately about the importance of learning languages. Learning languages at this age is all about having fun. Our courses are designed to give children confidence and enthusiasm for the language. Young children are less inhibited about reproducing foreign sounds and are like sponges absorbing a new language almost as easily as learning their mother tongue. Their self-esteem will soar and studies have shown that those learning a foreign language from a young age are intellectually more advanced and better able to focus on complex tasks than their contemporaries.

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