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"Informality and fun are the keys to learning French at Le Club Français"

"This is French as it would be spoken in a French School, in a French playground. It is entirely relevant and wholly fun...What is doubly impressive is the range of vocabulary that comes quite naturally to the children and the beautiful accent in which they speak French"
The Scotsman

"the children are really embracing the French they are learning, one parent told us that when her son went to the doctors and was asked his age he replied in French!!!!"
The Playing Place Nursery, Weston Super Mare.

Toddlers and Pre-school

It is your toddlers’ first exposure to the French or Spanish language.
This dynamic programme is packed with action songs, rhymes, games and stories.
Our methodology was created for the young learner and makes learning interesting and fun!

Beginners Course

This is a complete introduction to language learning through a structured approach with interactive games, drama and acting, story telling, fun songs and crafts.
Children learn quickly and happily from our method based on communication and expression.

Silver Course

Following on from the Beginners course, children progress onto this fabulous course. With the focus on building up confidence in the spoken language, it enables children to build on their current knowledge and extend their vocabulary. Children are encouraged to ask questions and form sentences.  

Gold Course

Children progress further with this course. The learning process still occurs in a fun and stimulating environment. Children  are given the opportunity to learn  more about the culture as well as to build on further linguistic tools essential for better communication in daily situations.

Le théâtre pour rire du Club Français

Learn French through Drama!
Children are progressively introduced to drama techniques as well as French vocabulary and structures. The drama projects culminate with performances for parents or in schools.

Holiday Clubs

These clubs are action packed with cooking, art and craft, songs, drama, sport and are run in the school holidays. Children learn through fun and play and make new friends a long the way. Holiday Clubs are usually themed and often a play is performed on the last day for parents.

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