Sumtastics Methodology


* Enjoyment - Fun learning through activities in which children can engage.

* Multi-sensory - Every number has a rhyme, song, colour, taste and smell

* Creativity - through songs, sticking, painting, drawing, modeling, drama.

* Use of mathematical language - vocabulary associated with numbers and the 4 processes of number (+-x÷)

* Consolidation and progression - Lots of repetition. Follow children’s rhythm.

* Motivation - Lots of praise and encouragement, Rewards, stickers, certificates.

* Hidden learningrainbown colours

  • Working as part of a group, taking turns and co-operating. From “me first” to “me amongst others”. Social skills. (games)
  • Increase of vocabulary through conversations and discussions. (stories, role play)
  • Developing mathematical ideas to solve practical problems. (Counting and sorting)
  • Use of imagination in role play and expression and communication of ideas. (mime, action songs)
  • Developing motor skills with the use of small equipment with increasing control and undertaking of everyday tasks such as cutting and folding. (craft work)