This is the first ever multi-sensory maths club. It provides a creative and exciting new way to give youngsters the foundations they need to be happy confident maths learners while they are having fun.

The course has been developed by Celia Stone, a leading authority on multi-sensory teaching in Maths and English.

The method is highly innovative and has been developed to introduce mathematical concepts, number bonds, sequencing and number language. The activities are varied and truly multi-sensory.

rainbow numbers and stripsWe use string-a-longs, coloured number strips, rainbow numbers, play dough, painting, tasting, songs, acting, stories and games which encourage imagination, discovery & problem solving as well as social skills.


Our aim is to inspire enthusiasm, encourage curiosity and give children mathematical skills which will last a life-time.

AddacusThe course is designed around a patented “Addacus” which has been developed to provide a physical way to understand place value and the notation of the hundreds, tens and units system. The programme is varied and highly structured and is compatible with the National Numeracy Strategy and EYFS.


What makes it so fantastic?                                        

· New and unique way of looking at numbers                                                            

· Every number has a colour, story, song, taste and smell     girl with colin

· Creative, encourages imagination and curiosity

· Improves and develops fine motor skills and social skills

· Develops language skills related to mathematics

· Gives a solid foundation to mathematical concepts

· Eliminates the fear of numbers

Approved by Small Steps

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